Learning to Become a Successful Trader

Sometimes you come across material that is so good you just want to copy-paste the whole thing. What i’ll do instead is just giving you the link. The core of the post is about what the developing trader should focus on. Hint: it’s not the “setups”.



Repeating the Best Practices

Taking One Trade at a Time

Recently I have been doing some part time consultancy work in my old career. I do this as it fits in around my trading, apart from the odd half day couple of times a month. I enjoy the work and makes me think about my trading from a different perspective.

Recently, we had a performance review of the last race of the current campaign, and it highlighted an area which I think has a cross over with trading.

Whilst the review dealt with the areas they performed well in and areas they needed to improve in, and from that a list of actions was produced to be implemented in the future.

Pretty normal review so far, but what came to my attention was that in a few of the areas they needed to improve upon, they had done better in these areas in past campaigns.

We are what we repeatedly…

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Repeating the Best Practices

If I started again what resources would I consider essential

While I have yet to read all the material recommended here i already know enough of it to understand this is a valuable compilation with a good structure regarding a trader development. A recommended read.

Taking One Trade at a Time

I have been trading for six plus years now, and the learning process for me has seen its fair share of detours and dead ends. I have wondered recently, what advice on resources; I would give myself if I started again.

The following has probably had the biggest effect on my trading over the years, but there has been many smaller influences that have all contributed to my current style of trading.

Finding a potential edge in the market

Whilst this is an area of great importance, I found that it is not the key to success by itself, rather a foundation. Without an edge we cannot make money, but even with an edge there is no guarantee of making money.

I have no affiliation to the following so I am not going to put links up for these resources but I think that these are all good places to…

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If I started again what resources would I consider essential