My trading diary

There are two types of trading journals: those that help you keep track of your stats – I use and recommend Edgewonk – and those that are more personal, like a diary. That’s the type i want to talk about today.

As i’m starting my 5th notebook of handwritten notes i figured i would share a short video of the previous 4. Pages and pages of notes, market analysis, etc.

I started the first one about a year ago, in late october 2014. Obviously the structure has massively changed since then. I’ve simplified it, reduced the number of instruments i track and follow. I’ve added sections: End of Day analysis (the base of my work, after or near New York Close), the pre session analysis (does the asian session changes anything in my analysis?), the post session analysis (how did the market behaved at my levels of interest?). It’s still a work in progress. It will always be.

Dr. Steenbarger once shared the anecdote of a seasoned trader facing difficulties who came to him for help. The trader being experienced brought his trading diary with him. While Dr. Steenbarger read it, he noticed the content slowly changed from rational, logical market analysis to emotional material. This is something i’m trying to be wary of.

I’m also sharing this video to show that i’m doing the work. If you read this blog, you might wonder if i follow through everything i talk about. I try to. It’s just i prefer writing it down rather than typing it.

Finally, i should add there’s another notebook, of smaller size, in which i write down the best process/worst thing weekly review following Dr. Steenbarger’s template i’ve shared a couple of times. It also includes the different strategies i know and how to play them. The big notebooks seen in the video below are only for the day to day analysis.

My trading diary

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