Random Trading Observations

I realize i haven’t posted in here in months. Many things happened since the last post. Please find below random observations, thoughts i’ve had since then.

  • I went on a ski trip in February. I was on a roll before. Spotted setups on my phone during the trip but abstained from trading them. What i wasn’t prepared for was the comeback. It took me weeks to get back in the game. Barely. I couldn’t read the market at all, and thus was frustrated for not taking advantage of opportunities when they were there. I know i shouldn’t be that emotional to missed opportunities and that it shows my youth in the game. I may be lying to myself but i think all accomplished traders went through that stage at one point in their development. It probably takes more time when you’re on your own at home than when you’re in a bank, hedge fund, prop firm, with experienced people to coach you. In any case, we’re in june now, and I haven’t reached that level of synchronicity with the market since then.
  • If there’s one thing i learnt, is that the trader is the edge, not the strategy. The more i know about the market doesn’t implicate more money in my account. It’s not the opposite either, obviously, but the correlation is very low. Of course having more knowledge (market structure, time and price, etc) helps, but it such a ridiculous part of what’s necessary. It’s not even close to having control over yourself. And don’t forget money management either.
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Random Trading Observations